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Hiii Friends after long im back with a new tutorial in which i wanna show you how to send a fakemail with any name as you desire to anyone of your friends.
A site named www.deadfake.com will help you in doing this .But its naot fair for us bcoz they will write in the end of the mail that "mail is not real n send using deadfake".

But I've found a super duper method from one of my hacking friends . It was supercool n utterly dangerous.Evenif cyber crime cell guys can't locate you using your IP .Bcoz
IP was too fake ...

First of all you need this thing QK STMP Server:
Key info
Name: prasenna
S/N: 68353398-BB77DF50-7376255C-CEB155EC

After getting the stuff install it your system.
Now you had to configure your QK STMP Server
1.Click on the "Settings" tab
2.Now click on "Basic Parameter "
3.Set your binding IP to ""
4.Change the port to 25
Now allthings are alright n check wheather QK STMP server is running behind your windows (I mean check your task bar)
Now we are going to send the fake mail
1.Go to Start n type cmd
2.In the Command prompt type the following
C:\>telnet 25
Now you will get enter into SMTP Server
You will get a message like this
220 Welcome to QK SMTP Server 3
Now you should type this
helo buddy ( buddy can be any name )
Now you will get this message
250 Hello buddy
Now type
mail from:deepika_padukone@ymail.com (Type any mail address from which you are going to send mail.This will disply in recipients inbox)
You will get this response
250 Address deepika_padukone@ymail.com Address Okay
Now type
rcpt to:kuttiyilallen@gmail.com (Type email address to whom you want to send the fake mail)
You will get exactly like this
250 kuttiyilallen@gmail.com Address Okay
Now you are going to put the mail date for that type exactly as follows
Now you will get this message
354 Please start mail input
Now type
From:Deepika PadukoneTo:Kuttiyilallen@gmail.comDate:july 24, 10.00AMSubject:You will be the next hero
Now press Enter twice to Enter mail body
After typing the body end the mail by hitting Enter and put a dot(.) and press enter again
After that you will get this message
250 Mail queued for delivery
Quit to quit from emailing
Now will get
221 Closing connection. Good bye.
Connection to host lost
Don't worry your mail had reached to recipient ...............

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