Create your Own mobile theme online

Here Iam going to share about a website through which you can create themes for your mobile absolutely free n online.

What to do is navigate to the following site by clicking the link below

Now create an account there n start creating theme by clicking create now!

Now create completely your own theme n' njoyyyy


Save Others Orkut Photos

Orkut has introduced a new restriction over copying pictures from others orkut album.But here i'll show you how to copy those restricted photos.

First go to your friends profile & navigate to his Album
Now click on that photo n' it to your address bar(Where you type website address).Now you will get a new page showing that picture.
Now right click n Save that photo.

nJoY!!! Have a Gr8 HAcKing Day

Hii guys here r some login accounts for some file sharing sites

1.) www.divxcrawler.com {download movies fastly}

Username : divx273
Password : 8342729

2.) www.butterflydownloadnetwork.com {movies, music, Pc Games, Tv shows}

Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

3.) www.downloadprofessional.com {movies,Pc softwares, Pc Games, Tv shows}

Username : lo886Ees
Password : zAgt88er

4.) www.sharingzone.net {movies, Pc softwares, Pc Games}

Username : LODMQYHX
Password : 375021402
Receipt : 4T5W89RD

5.) www.unlimitedgamedownloads.com {movies, Pc Games, psp softwares}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

6.) www.watchdirect.tv {movies, music, Pc Games, online Tv}

Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

7.) www.fullreleasez.com {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

8.) www.fulldownloads.us {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

9.) www.pirateaccess.com {Every thing}

Username : yourfrienddalat@gmail.com
Password : CHh5LKPI

Username : xxx_heel_xxx@yahoo.com
Password : MJY0BUY

Username : i_l0ve_u_786@yahoo.com
Password : rYvLgPrt

Username : mubashar_siddique@yahoo.com
Password : F9Gzgwb5

10.) www.warezquality.com {Every thing}

Username : ageg2020
Password : z8fsDfg3

11.) wwww.warezreleases.com {All Stuff}

Username : HnRPxKQz
Password : a59KBV7

Username : a25bipZP
Password : 1TeVnoJb

Username : SHYyJfWU
Password : P4K20uO

12.) www.fulldownloadaccess.com {All Stuff}

Username : mpuv3y
Password : umvpy3x

13.) www.alphaload.com {All Stuff}

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

Username : AL3429355
Password : RCHAbhKM

Username : AL3429350
Password : gMZNFcyS

Username : AL3429351
Password : cTAkWAxc

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

14) www.gamedownloadnow.com {All Stuff}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

15.) www.unlimiteddownloadcenter.com {All Stuff}

Username : cu20me
Password : ke01feb

16.) www.tvadvanced.com {online Tv}

Username : mv03dl
Password : frmvdl


Use Pendrive as RAM in Xp

You may all familiar with Vista Readyboost which may let you to use your Pendrive as Ram.Now there is a new software called e-Booster which may let you to use your pendrive as Ram.

Download ebooster

Now plug your USB pendrive Click on add button.You may get a new window in which it shows your System's Ram.In that expandable window you may get an option for your USB drive.Select it & Set the Memory range you needed.Now continue by clicking build cache.Allow the process to be complete.After that you can check you memory now using a memcheck tool which can be found @ the e-booster directory


Increase your scraps to 100000+

Hii guys this tutorial shows how to increase your orkut scraps using a new floodmachine called tree FM ( tree Flood Machine).For working of this tool you may have JAVA Runtime Plugin.Now download tree FM from the following link.
Now Extract your tree FM package n' Run It .You may get a window like this!

Now fill the fields with the necessary information by watching this video


Hav a gr8 time Cheersss!!!!

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