Hack symbian Phones to install unsigned applications

Hiii guys in this tutorial i'll show you how to hack your symbian mobile to remove that fuckin "certificate error" n let u to install all those unsigned applications .
All you need is the following stuffs

Download the hacking toolkit

Password : cybertown.co.nr

2-Drakkarious 3.01 FP1,FP2 & PreFP1

Lets start the game hackers! Install secman ( For installing this please change the date to around 5-5-08)

Select your appropriate model and continue the installation

PREFP1 Phones : Nokia N77,Nokia E61i,Nokia E65,Nokia N93i,Nokia N91 8GB,Nokia E62,Nokia N93,Nokia N73,Nokia N80,Nokia N71,Nokia N92,Nokia E70,Nokia E60 FP1 phones : Nokia 6124 classic,Nokia N82,Nokia N95,Nokia N95 8GB,Nokia N81,Nokia N81 8GB,Nokia 6121 classic,Nokia 6120 classic,Nokia 5700 XpressMusic,Nokia 6110 Navigator,Nokia E66,Nokia E90 Communicator,Nokia N76,Nokia 6290,Nokia N95 FP2 phones : Nokia 5320 XpressMusic,Nokia N78,Nokia N96,Nokia 6210 Navigator,Nokia 6220 classic

Darkarious will install softwares Hellocarbide,capsOFF,capsON and x-PLORE

Yo the first mission is over ~ Now lets start the second stage

Run X-plore

Press '0'

U'll get 4 options with marking fields ! Make sure that the first and last options are marked !

Now try to access c:\sys ! In normal mode you can't see the directory below this sys directory.For that purpose we need Hellocarbide.Without exiting X-plore go to applications and run CapsOFF and then Hellocarbide.

Now go to options-> select menu1

Now u'll get a message like this "Done proababliy "
Select "YES"

Exit hellocarbide and get back to X-plore.Now you will be able to view those directories below C:\sys

Now you can see a file called hack.rar.Open that one and mark those two files inside that one and copy it (press 4 to copy) and paste those stuffs to c:\sys\bin

YO ur second mission is over ! Now restart your phone (Take some rest dude)

Now Go to applications and run Secman.Go to options -> select Install Root Certificate After that your phone will be restarted and your mission accomplished and your phone is hacked for installing unsigned applications ! Now you can remove that darkarious thang !


Manoramaonline Mobile SIte Launced

ManoramaOnline The internet news site started its new service for mobile ! This can be accessed from anywhere with a gprs enabled handset . By default the news will be previewed in english n' for getting the news in malayalam you have to download an additional software called "newshunt" which can be dowloaded by sending an SMS "malayalam" to "57333"

site address:http://m.manoramaonline.com

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