How to create a Driver Auto Installer

If you’ve ever re-installed Windows, you’ll know how time consuming it can be.
This is partly because you have to install numerous device drivers (if you can find all your hardware installation disks, that is).
With Driver Genius you can avoid this hassle by creating a driver auto-installer that will install all your drivers at once.
So, let’s get on with it…

Choose which drivers to backup

Fire up Driver Genius and click on Backup.
Now, the first thing to do is choose which drivers to include on the backup file.
choose which drivers to backup in Driver Genius
Selecting which drivers to backup.
I suggest selecting all of them.
Click Next

Choose the backup type

Now choose the type of backup.
select the auto-installer option in Driver Genius
Selecting the backup type and location.
Select Auto-Installer Archive from the drop down menu.
Also choose a location.
If you’re intending to re-install Windows you’ll want to save it (or copy it) to another drive or disk, otherwise it’ll get overwritten.
My auto-installer file is approximately 72MB, so it’ll easily fit on a CD-ROM…
… but for now I’ve chosen to save it to my slave drive.
Click Next
Driver Genius will now backup your drivers.
This process took about 45 minutes on my computer (mind you, it’s no spring chicken, so yours may not take as long).
Click Finish at the bottom of the confirmation screen to return to the Driver Genius main screen.

Check the auto-installer works

Navigate your way to the drive or folder you saved the auto-installer to and double click on the exe file to launch it.
You should see a screen something like this:
Driver Genius's driver Auto-Installer application
The Driver Genius driver installation program.
And that’s it. You’re done.
Next time you re-install Windows you can sit back and relax while Driver Genius does the tedious part.

NOTE:This post originally found on http://www.utilitysoftwarereviews.com . So gimme credits ony for sharing.. SHARING IS WHAT CARING.. 

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