Uninstalling Deepfreeze !

You all know about Deepfreeze. A super drive locking tool that allows a stable windowsconfiguration as well as prevent editing,copying and deleting of your files.I 'd shared this software with many of my friends n' recieved a lot of comments .But most of the guys don't know how to remove Deepfreeze. I got a bundle of mails regarding this problem.
In this tutorial I'll show you how to uninstall deepfreeze ?

The same setup file which you had used for installation is again required for uninstallation.Now search on the taskbar for the deepfreeze icon.Now hold shift key n double click on the icon.Now deepfreeze wizard will ask for the password which you had put during installation.Now press enter n' You'll get a wizard like this!

Now check "Boot Thawned mode" !( In this boot thawned mode you can make changes on your files)
Click "Apply n Reboot"
Now your system will automatically Restarts.This time you can see a new icon for deepfreeze with a red " X " mark.
Now run the deepfreeze installation package .You will get an uninstallation wizard as just below.

Now proceed with uninstallation. :-)
A program called "deepunfreeze" is available for this process.You can easily download it from any forums.

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