*Wanna play ps2 games on your pc

*To make your PC a playstation

Here are the softwares and necessary tools to emulate PS2.U need -1) PC and PS2 DVD game
2) Get PCX2 from www.emulator-zone.com
3) Get the PS2 bios file from http://www.sendspace.com/file/r083iv password is "vaibhavdangwal" without quotes.
4) get the Ps1,Ps2 plugins from www.aldostools.com
5) Alcohol 120%.Get it from http://www.alcohol-soft.com/
Step 1
Extract PCX2 on Ur Harddisc.Extract Bios file in its Bios folder.Extract plugins in plugins folder.
Make image of PS2 DVD using Alcohol 120%.
Step 3
Load Image U created in virtual drive of Alcohol.
Step 4
Open PCX2 and go to configure.Select confighure CD/DVD plugin and set the disc drive to alcohol virtual drive.
Step 5
Run the emulator from RUN CD.Configure Ur PS2 and play Ur favourite game.

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