create your own logon screens

for this you must hav either reshacker or resedit

install regedit
In xp the logon screen file is logonui.exe {situated @ c:\windows\system32\logonui.exe}
before editing anything in the windows file you must make a backup copy of the files which we are editing
so first of all create a backup copy logonui.exe
Now run reedit

  • Go to file > open >logonui.exe {from c:\windows\system32}
  • Now you can see 6 options in the left pane
  • Among them click on bitmap
  • Then select 100(1033) which is the pic file of the logon screen
  • You can see a replace option above the bitmap
  • Now replace existing bitmap with any 16/24 bitmap image
  • You can also edit other bitmap 102,103.....................
  • Now do something in the string table key
  • click on 1033 and replace the existing code with new code (password of file is"code)
now go to file>save As & save it as newlogonui.exe & replace the existing logonui with newlogonui using replacer

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