Download all the images in a gallery

First get these things

Here is the trick

Most of the sites save the images of a particular gallery with a common name followed by a number for example image1, image2 , image3, and so on, first we are going to get the image url and then use a “PHP” program to produce a html page which contains links to all the images in the gallery.

How to get the url of the image..?

You should have mozilla firefox if you don’t have it you can download it for free using the referal button given above. open the gallery which you want to download in mozilla . Now open the frist and last images of the gallery , right click on the image and select view image now you will get the url of the image in the address bar now you can get the total number of images in the galley from the name of the last image and the common name used. The name of the image may be in either of the three forms


I'm going to explain this tick using this image url as an example http://idlebrain.com/movie/photogallery/genelia3/images/genelia8.jpg
STEP 1:open the first and last image from the gallery.
STEP 2:Right click on the image and select view image as shown in the figure below

STEP 3:Once you get the url of the image copy the url of the image(the one shown in the image below) excluding the number,in our case it would be http://idlebrain.com/movie/photogallery/genelia3/images/genelia

STEP 4:Enter the url you got in step three,the number of the image from where you want to start downloading and the number of image upto which you want to download in the form below and then click on GO this generates a page containing the links to all the images. Right click on any of the link's given in that page and select download all with MassDownloader,or Download all with DAP

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